Epistemology In Willa Cather's My Antonia

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“A feminist critique of a masculinist bias in epistemology is necessary precisely because women constitute the most relevant oppressed group.”(Cattier) The use of the epistemological model prompts the success of the masculine group, which is why women’s critiques of this model are seen as attack to masculinity. Epistemology is a branch of philosophy, which focus on the understand or study of human knowledge. Historical, epistemology was used to support the idea that males, especially white males, were above all other human beings. Education was only offered to white males, which supported the epistemological model. Women were not allowed an education, so the argument that women could be epistemologically equal to men, was never seriously considered. …show more content…
Women have been stereotyped as fragile and weak throughout history. This treatment brings little power and support to the women trying to establish a role in society. Cather’s My Ántonia, portrays the strength of women and celebrates the success of those women. One in particular is Ántonia, who represents the strong, hardworking women. Cather writes “She was too proud of her strength,” when she referrers to Ántonia in her work. Highlighting the pride women can have as a result of strength, is a very feminist view, in that it empowers the contributions of women. By creating a strong, independent, women character, Cather causes the audience to think differently towards the roles of women. Ántonia is a great example of a feminist character, because she disproved the idea of weak women. Kirkus Reviews, which dedicates itself in critiquing pieces of literature writes, “young women find their own strength in the face of new love, unexpected friendships and death.” All these are elements Cather implements to develop a strong female character, symbolizing all hard working women. If women can be seen as strong and independent, there is a higher possibility women could obtain power. This would ultimately lead to equality between men and women, destroying the old epistemology which placed men above all

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