Resettlement In Ethiopia Case Study

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Chapter one
1. Introduction
There are different ideas, concepts and theories to words resettlement program in the world. As different scholars, defined resettlement as differently, that is concerning its objectives, characteristics and implementations of the program. Among those concepts, one is villagization program that relocates scattered peoples to one specific village to the specific objective without moving people to the long distance. According to Asrat, due to fast economic growth, population pressure and the degradation of natural resources as a base of resettling people to new location has come developmental discourse in the world, particularly in Ethiopia. The Villagization program in the pastoralist community and their
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He conducted research on the dynamics of resettlement concerning to the Ethiopia experience. He concerned three aspects in his research: resettlement program has taken due to the rapid economic growth, the population pressure and degradation of natural resource by illustrating two opposite arguments towards the result of resettlement program in the world, especially in …show more content…
He focused on similar points with that of Asrat, concerning the objectives of resettlement program in Ethiopia. He expressed that the resettlement program was begun, since of the population pressure; low fertile farmland and drought.
According to Moti, research conducted on villagization program in the case of Gambella regional state; he begun by asking “is it villagization or land grabbing?” Somehow his research touched the villagization program in lowland areas, particularly four regional states by illustrating the objectives of villagization program in those areas by evaluating government arrangement towards pastoralist community. However, his research focused on the political perspective of the program and its impacts on local indigenous communities in Gambella regional state related with the large scale investment of the program.
Almost all researches that conducted on resettlement program in Ethiopia, shows the program has taken due to the high population pressure, lack of fertile farmland and impacts of the investment on the local community rather than giving emphasis to those scattered pastoralist community’s accessibility of basic social

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