Resentmenttainty: A Bad Way To Live Your Life

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Living with resentment is a horrible way to live. You are doing yourself and your life a big injustice as you focus on hatred, bitterness, and jealousy. The sooner you overcome resentment, the quicker you can start using your time and energy for things that really matter in your life. It may seem hard to get out of a resentful state right now, but this list has 15 actionable things you can do to move yourself from a negative state of resentment to a more positive state of happiness and calmness.

1. Live Your Life Well

Sometimes people go out of their way to hurt you in life. The best way to teach other people (and yourself) that they didn't affect you negatively is to live your life well.

Live with integrity, don't hurt other people the
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Stop Beating Yourself Up

When resentment is present, you are beating yourself up in some way. Maybe you are mad that you didn't take more action to protect yourself. Maybe you are mad that you let yourself get walked over. Or, maybe you are mad that you couldn't see what was wrong and work to improve it. No matter what it is, you need to stop beating yourself up for a very simple reason: you wouldn't have done anything different.

The only way you grow in life is through your mistakes and failures. In some cases, you may learn your lesson once and move on, and in other cases it takes a few times to learn your lessons. But, they are definitely lessons worth learning! They help you avoid future issues where you could feel resentment, and that contributes to your life in a positive way.

3. View People From Your Past Differently

Just like you couldn't do any different, neither could they. They did the best they could with the knowledge and emotions they had, and if they had known better or been in a better place, then they definitely would have done better. When you see this, you can see that what happened was more about them than it was about
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Stop Comparing Yourself

A lot of resentment comes from comparing yourself to others and what they have that you don't have. And, comparing yourself can become a nasty habit in life that is hard to recognize.

For instance, you may be basing your attractiveness on how big or small you are, which is really a comparison of other people that you think measure up to a certain perfection you have your mind. But, you may not see that comparison; instead, you may just look in the mirror and see imperfections.

Comparing yourself to others doesn't just make you feel bad about yourself, it causes resentment. When you don't feel that you measure up to someone else, you get resentful that they have what you don't. Instead of celebrating their accomplishments in life or accepting them as they are, you dislike the fact that they are where they are and this causes you to have a lot of bitterness towards them.

It's important to break the habit of comparing. The moment you find yourself comparing stop and refocus. Don't think about what they have that you don't; instead, focus on your strengths, be grateful for what you do have, and be OK with the fact that you are not perfect! Understand that the 'you' right now is enough to live up to other people's expectations and should be enough to live up to your

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