Research Paper on Book Title "Lincoln on Leadership"

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“Lincoln on Leadership”
By Donald T. Phillips

Research Paper
Based on the Above Book

Abraham Lincoln is known to almost everyone. It is recognized that he led the country through one of the hardest times in its history. What many of us do not know or understand are the methods he employed in order to lead us through the Civil War. Phillips became interested in Lincoln’s leadership methods and abilities because he found that these same ideas were still being taught today. He wrote this book because he was unable to find other books detailing Lincoln’s leadership. Because Lincoln’s methods are still applicable in today’s leadership environment, Phillips realized that much could be learned by examining Lincoln’s actions while
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Subordinates will be more likely to seek out a leader if they do not have to worry about any sort of retaliation. This will allow the leader to be more effective if they have a good relation with their people. “An organization takes on the personality of its top leader” (Phillips, 1992, p. 62), so it was smart of Lincoln to lead how he would want others to act.
Lincoln knew that he would not be able to please everyone, no matter how hard a person tries. Because of this he faced a lot of criticism but for the most part he would ignore the attacks on himself. Lincoln had no true recourse against criticism so he figured that he should not let certain things bother him. He did fight back when he felt it was important enough or if he felt his principles would be damaged in the eyes of the public. Another way he dealt with the criticism was to write letters but to not mail them. This way he could vent his feelings and he could let the matter go. Just like Lincoln, a leader today should be confident in their abilities and in his/her knowledge of knowing right from wrong and should be able to continue on their path and not let criticism sway them from what they know to be the right thing to do.
Lincoln was a paradox. He used a different approach for everything. A person could never really expect what he might do. He would do whatever he felt was the right thing for that situation, even if it

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