Research Based Practice And Nursing Essay

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Research based practice is an important element in nursing. Research supports our knowledge base and answers questions of clinical concern (Kearney-Nunnery p.88). Nurses need to ask questions of their environment and seek out knowledge on how to fix those problems. One way to encourage such practice amongst staff is to, hold monthly staff meetings and allow for open discussion about issues or concerns. Specifically in my department I would ask for volunteers for a committee to be made up of Emergency department staff and registration staff. Explain how the goal of establishing this committee will improve overall patient and job satisfaction. Also I would start a relationship with professional healthcare organizations that could help the committee in understanding the importance of research based practice. (Titler, M. Ch. 7)

The clinical problem in my area (the Emergency Room) seems to be the left without being seen (LWBS) numbers. This issue causes the hospital to lose profits and places a poor reputation on the hospital throughout the community. This problem can be identified by the direct number of persons that register to be seen in the Emergency Room versus the number that leaves before being transferred to a room in the department. Assessing these numbers helps in achieving a clear picture on what causes the LWBS. Many factors can be looked at when assessing the problem such as, what time of day these persons are leaving most, staffing numbers at those times and…

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