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Do you think someone should be concerned with their reputation. What does their reputation mean to them, how does it affect that person. Is a good name more important than the truth? What would you choose a good name or the truth. What is a reputation. How does someone's reputation affect them in the play “The Crucible”.
“The Crucible”, what is the play about or the plots. To start the play it's about a girl named Abigail it takes place in the small portraits Village in Massachusetts. It's about a Salem Witchcraft, and that Reverend Parris sees some girls dancing in the woods calling the devil's name. So all the girls that were dancing are being blamed for witchery but really they are making all up. So the girls are being blamed for witchcraft,
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When she was younger she seen her parents died at a young age. She lives with her Uncle Paris. She starts the fire in the woods when the girls are dancing and calling the devils, she also kill the rooster in the woods and drinks the blood to sacrifice something. Paris seen everything she does in the forest. She also likes John Proctor, she would do anything to be with him. John has a wife and she know it, but she don't care she already had an affair with him and John wife already knows he he did. She also gave John's wife a doll with a needle in the stomach and she blamed her for witchery. She said that she sent her soul to kill her but it's all a lie, the girls take advantage of the moment just to blame people been with the devil cuz they have something against them or hate them. At the end of the play the judge knows that she is all faking it but it's too too late to unhang the people that were blamed for witchery. She runs away from Salem with money from her uncle …show more content…
For example in the book John said that he rather have his body taken then his name. He said this because he can only have one name because many body's. In the play the judge goes to his house and claims him that his wife was going to be arrested. The judge ask him some questions about his religious belief in the church and why he hasn't gone to church. One question the judge ask him to name his 10 amendments, he only names nine of them and his wife has to help him with one of them, he explains why he can name the last one. He said that his family can't go to church most of the time because he has work, or has to pick the crops, he has to make his money to feed his family. At the end of the play the blame Proctor for being the main character in the in the hole witchcraft in Salem.
So people care more about the refrigeration. Some people rather lie and keep their name, because they can have many bodies but can't have the same name. So if someone's reputation more important than other people in their lives. Is there people who put their reputation their

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