Republic Essay

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Expanding Business Over Seas
Armond Shelley
University of Phoenix

In this paper I will explain the life of an individual that is attaining a structured opportunity this may help him tremendously or bring an empire down to its lowest. The paper will help the reader understand many differences and the incompatibilities that go on when an industry is trying to do business overseas. These same venues have created many differences and risks for business owner Steve Kafka. Many times in this society business owners want to expand and make his or her business a franchise and represent with more locations as well as attract a different crowd. As an entrepreneur the individual main
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In the past Czech Republic has been known for their beautiful cakes and popular pastries, well known throughout Central Europe. Within most of the country Czech cuisine is strongly known for the popular meats dishes such as pork, which is very common chicken and beef. Throughout the country rabbit, wild game and duck may be served often but pork can and has over ruled the countries taste buds. Seafood is a rare treat there is an exception of trout or carp, which may be seen throughout Christmas but only on holidays mainly. Most dishes are served as stated roasted pork and dumplings and possible cabbage. Dumplings can be seen with all dishes known as a side dish. However, the pizza will most likely have to compete with the well -known Czech snacks, which the country calls the fried cheese. This snack is contemporary of Czech Republic national dishes it is also very popular among the countries dishes. The issue that should be for thought with Steve should be the difference between the customer service of the United States and the Czech Republic. The main difference will most likely be that the United States enjoys humor and some sarcasm on the other hand, Czech citizens practice values such as education, modesty and, cleverness. Both of the cultures practice individualism nevertheless there are a large amount of opposing factors. The reality to

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