Representation In Disney

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Natali Petriashvili
Female Representation in Disney throughout the Years and its Influence on Children
There have been many arguments that Disney’s representation of women has a huge influence on children’s perception of women, beauty and society. Disney has a very strategic syntagm of how they produce animated movies featuring princesses. The educational infographic I decided to make has several purposes. The most important message that I tried to implement in my design is that Disney represents females in a very unrealistic manner. This type of portrayal of women has a big influence on children. To most kids, princesses they see in animated movies symbolize, more or less, everything they wish to be when they grow up.
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I chose the original typeface of Disney for the titles of the three distinct sections for the audience to relate to the infographic. The font will easily grab the attention of the target audience, since it symbolizes their favorite movie-making corporation. The reason I decided to use the second typeface was because I thought it was appropriate, since it is the same font as the title of Snow White. I chose it for the titles of the animated movies, because the font is clear and still keeps the main structure. Considering the fact that most of these movies are adaptations of stories, I picked a font that is mainly used in books. All these three typefaces are elements that somehow symbolize the origins of the stories. They are all connected to the animated movies and help the target audience to directly relate to the …show more content…
The reason I put years is to show and emphasize the evolution of female representation in Disney. I decided to color the background in respect to the princesses’ physical features, clothing or distinguishing colors of the movies. First is “Snow White.” According to the story, the princess has lips that are red as a rose, skin as white as snow and black hair. The second title is “Cinderella.” As shown in the animated movie, Cinderella has yellow hair. When she goes to the ball to meet the prince, she wears a blue dress and light blue shoes. The next title is “the Little Mermaid.” Ariel has a green tail, purple shells and red hair. In the animated movie “Brave,” Merida has orange hair, wears a blue dress and most landscapes that are shown and the official poster use the color green. In the last movie title I chose to intertwine the distinguishing features of two princesses. In “Frozen,” Elsa wears a light blue dress, has very light, almost white, gray hair, and Anna, her sister, has a very memorable purple cape. By choosing to colors according to the animated movies I made the infographic more significant. These colors are symbolic signs of the princesses.
The sections are divided by tiny Mickey Mouse heads that are use the same colors as the first segment of the infographic. I decided to use them, since Mickey Mouse is also an iconic sign of Disney. It symbolizes

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