Representation Of Gender And Masculinity Essay

1016 Words Apr 15th, 2016 null Page
To construct a reasonable for or against argument that will outline whether masculinity is in crisis or not I will continually apply relevant media theories along with ideas from influencing figures to create a constructive argument. The questions that arise that either support or argue with the statements that key theories propose will be answered formatively and critically. To be able to analyse the representation of gender and masculinity within modern media forms along with the rise and formation of the ‘laddish’ culture and what factors have influenced the creations of lad mags along with outlining gender stereotypes that are associated with the masculine form. The main media types that will be focused upon include television documentaries, reality television, social media platforms, video games and relevant blogs.
According to Bell Hooks ‘age, marital status, ethnicity, or sexual orientation’ play key roles in determining a male’s stance on his masculinity along with how he views his position within his society. The feminist movement, particularly the second wave of the 1960s, challenged Western society’s rigid gender definitions. Prior to this, women were largely restricted to being the home wife while the men were the breadwinners excluded from professions and the workforce by oppressive patriarchal structures, which reserved these areas exclusively for men. As feminism’s progress continued through the decades however, these borders began to erode and the genders…

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