Representation Of Gender And Gender Roles Essay

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Representation of Gender in Aladdin

Gender Roles. A hot button topic that has become a topic of conversation for years now. When we think of Gender roles what things come to mind? With Men we often think of qualities such as strength, toughness, bravery, and masculinity and being a Husband. With Women we often think of characteristics such as: care taker, Wife, nurturing, cooking/ cleaning, and often very supportive. But another big question that we should be asking ourselves is where and how these gender roles and stereotypes have come from? And for the answer to that question we should look to our media consumption. For years now TV shows and Movies have truly shaped what gender roles should be in our society. These ideas are planted in our minds even at a young age, weather we or our parents know it or not. One of the biggest enforces of theses gender roles might just be Disney. “How could this be?” you may ask, how could the company that inspires kids to live great and be great really be most guilty culprit of pushing gender roles on the world. To see this truth we must look no further than the timeless classic of Aladdin. A movie show to nearly every child in the western hemisphere and beyond. In this movie we see Gender roles that are directly intended to influence the thinking of young boys and girls with the intention of making them want to be and act like the creatures they see in the movie.

To me one of the biggest examples of Gender roles being enforced…

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