Walt Disney Satire

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The idea of fairy tales has evolved since oral folk tales and classical fairy tales. Recently, many of these fairytales are being adapted for film. The Walt Disney Company, commonly known as Disney, is one of the largest creators of fairy tale films. These films helped to create Disney’s virtual monopoly over the fairy tale genre. For most, the idea of a any classic fairy tale is often associated with the Disney version, and vice versa. These versions are regularly filled with childhood innocence, magic and the utopian vision. Furthermore, most children have never heard of the authors Charles Perrault, the Brothers Grimm, or Hans Christian Andersen. The topic of Disney can be a challenge to discuss, this is because “Disney is most often accepted with unqualified approval, and even reverence, by the American public” (Wasko, 3). Critics believe that Disney has altered the storyline of the classic …show more content…
Earlier texts, including the master texts of the film Beauty and the Beast, were intended for an older audience. Madame de Beaumont’s tale was written in the period of enlightenment during the salon tradition. During this time people were educated and enjoyed reading. However, today Beauty and the Beast is enjoyed by everyone. Disney built a bridge between the audience of children and adults. Creating family-friendly media, Disney’s target audience includes the whole family. Walt Disney was quoted: “your dead if you aim only for kids, adults are only kids grown up" (CITE). This multi-generational audience is targeted through both the literary adaptations and merchandising. There are sections of the film aimed at children, others aimed at adults, and most sections appeal to both the child and adult. The attention of the Disney audience was captured by the outstanding use of technology. The idea of capturing the whole family within the Disney world allows for the Walt Disney company to grab hold of the monopoly over fairy

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