Reparations For Slavery And African Americans Essay examples

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Reparations for Slavery The video called “The Trillion Dollar Question’’ talked about African American activists who believe the government should pay reparations for slavery. They want the government to pay the African Americans monetary compensation for the many years of slavery of their ancestors. In the video these activists were being interviewed and they declared African Americans are still being discriminated against. Stating they receive fewer benefits than others because of their past. The author of “Black Activists Call Senate Slavery Apology ‘Useless’; Say It Will Empower the Call for Reparations,” writes about an apology made by the senate towards all African Americans due to their ancestors suffrage. The author writes about the activists’ points of view, which is that the government is trying to prolong the reparations process. They also stated the senate should have given the apology a long time ago, and not now.
The author of “Even If Millions Rally on the Mall, Reparations Won’t Heal Black America,” disagrees with reparations being paid to African Americans. They state that monetary compensation will not fix what slaves went through. The author mentions that no one who went through slavery is alive, therefore there are no living people who were directly affected by slavery to pay reparations to. It is also logistically impossible to provide reparations to African Americans Because it would also not fix what the black community feels on the issue of slavery.…

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