African Americans Oppressed

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The things that African Americans, Native Americans, and Asian Americans have in common would have to be being an oppressed population in the United States. Each of these groups have been judge and mistreated. European Americans saw something each of these racial groups had and wanted it and knew in order to get what they wanted all they had to do was take it. African Americans started out as slaves they were seen as objects and not humans. European Americans treated African Americans as if they never matter as long as they did what they were told. Native Americans were forced to leave their homes many of the European Americans would burn down their homes and force them out at gun point or just shoot them in order to get the land they wanted. …show more content…
Slavery is a huge part of United States history. They were taking from their homes and different tribes so most of them were not able to communicate with each other. Once they were brought over many families were separated and names were changed they learned the bear minimum to make it. Some of the slave owners took it upon themselves to sexual abuse the women slaves and do it in front of their families. Throughout history there have been slaves who took it upon themselves to escape to the north in order to gain freedom. Some slaves were able to escape and other were caught and punished severely. It was against the law for a slave to learn how to read and write so they had no other choice but to depend on their slave owners. Once slavery ended it didn’t completely end in the south. Segregation was still another way to treat African Americans differently. They weren’t allowed to use the same water fountain, bathroom, or restaurants as white people. For a very long time they believed that African Americans had different diseases than whites. Many African American women became domestics after slaver was ended. There have been many African Americans who have taken it upon themselves to make a change they believed that they deserved the same freedoms and equal opportunities as whites. Brown vs. Board of Education was a ruling that allowed white and black children to attend the same school to get the same education. Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcom X were a huge part of helping African Americans gain equal rights as whites. It was a long process, but through blood sweat and tears the battle was won with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. There are many African American people throughout history who have make their mark in history to give all African Americans a voice as well as help them believe in

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