Essay on Rene Descartes : Meditation 1

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René Descartes: Meditation 1

René Descartes was a French philosopher, mathematician, and scientist. He was given the title of the “father of modern western philosophy”. Many of his writings are studied closely in today’s time. The purpose of most of his writings is what he cannot doubt. Many see philosophy as an opinion, and it is exactly that. You can state a point, have a reason behind it, and that is a philosophy. Throughout meditation one, beliefs, dreams, and senses are discussed. Descartes accepted man beliefs that turned out false. You then ask yourself, “what can I do to be certain about my beliefs?” He feels that senses often provide truth. Senses mislead, because when you sense something, you cannot always count on it to lead you in the right direction. This meditation discusses dream memories. It describes how they are practically identical to waking memories. When you dream, you wake up almost believing that your dream became a reality. Dream memories are so strange. They seem so real because they are so graphic while you are sleeping. An example of this is dreaming of waking up late, then thinking you woke up late in real life. The mediator states that what happens in sleep is not as clear as we want it to be. It is all an illusion in our heads. In my opinion, “what if” is thrown throughout this because it is how you take it. We as humans, often find ways to doubt the human nature. We take in others beliefs and opinions as our own so much, that it slowly…

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