Essay about Religious Groups Of The United States

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1.) When it comes to religious groups in the United States, the government is suppose to follow a certain guide in dealing with them. The "Establishment Clauses " is suppose to keep the government from favoring one religious over another. When the U.S was set up the Founding Father were cautious of the Catholic Church and the Jesuits using religious groups to infiltrate U.S government. The Founding Father did not want government policy to be influenced by religion nor did they want to honor one religious groups over another. The Founders new there were many different religious groups living in the United States and they did not want the religious to feel accosted. The Founding Fathers did not want the U.S government influencing religion. The Founders wanted to keep the State and the Church separated.
The "Free Exercise Clauses" keeps government from impeding the rights of religious organizations, less they are causing harm to other or members in the group. Before the United States was even founded the land in which would become it was a safe haven for oppressed religious groups in Europe. Many of the colonist who populated the U.S were seeking the freedom to practice their religious beliefs the way the wanted. Most the colonist were Protestant who were being constantly faced the threat of violence from the Catholic Church and Anglican Church. These events would inspire the Founders of the United States to include the "Free Exercise Clauses" in the U.S Constitution. In…

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