Essay about Religion, Politics, And Race

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Religion in America is very important for many people in America and in a nation of 300 million plus people many different religions are observed. In a country as large and diverse as this one there are many different opinions about the various religions in existence in the United States. Depending on where you are or who you’re talking people are either accepting or not accepting of a diverse religious nation. As we all know religion, politics, and race are very divisive topics and brings up a lot of heated emotions in people. America is advertised as a nation that allows people the freedom to live whatever life they can dream up, including practicing the religion of their choice without the threat of persecution which is in the constitution. However, since this country is a white majority nation there are some issues with religious and ethnic others. This paper will explore the two frequent claims about religion in America: America is a land of religious liberty and freedom as the First Amendment states and if America is a Christian nation but to elaborate further a Protestant Christian nation. The founding of the United States was founded with an emphasis on religious tolerance/freedom. Although this is true legally speaking and true amongst the general population for the most part there are those who aren’t as open about diversity religious or otherwise. These next few paragraphs will explore whether how much validity is that statement and what some possible solutions…

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