Religion Is An Expression Of Social Cohesion Essay

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“Religion is an expression of social cohesion” as it unifies people together in a variety of ways such as a common goal or behaviour. It brings together people from all social classes to celebrate religious ceremonies such as sacrifice. It also allows societies to work in relative harmony by ensuring morals and principles according to the religion are evident in society. These features are both eminent in Nordic and Aztec communities.

In Nordic society, religion played a significant role in bringing together the whole community at sacrificial times. The occasion attracted all the Nords as it was instrumental in appeasing their gods such as Odin and Thor. The Nords sacrificed a variety of animals which includes chickens, goats and dogs. The most costly of these were human sacrifices. They also sacrificed them in nine quantities. For instance nine humans and nine chickens. They did this as it represents the nine realms of the universe. Favour from the gods was believed to be gained through sacrifices. For example protection from Thor. They sacrificed to the gods in times of peril as well as in times of security. Therefore, sacrifice played a huge role in “social cohesion” as it unified the people in one common goal of honouring and appeasing the gods.

The temple for the Nords was a major place for worship. Especially to the Aesir gods in Nordic mythology such as Thor the god of lightning and Loki, the trickster god. Whole communities and families would travel to these…

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