Argumentative Essay On Islam Religion

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Following the barbaric invasion of the terrorist group, Islamic State, in Iraq further speculation has been circulated around the conception of Islam being the religion of terror and the motive behind the massacre of innocence around the world. As a result of this, and other events the serene religion of Islam have develop into the most embroiled religion to subsist in our society. Although there have been numerous predicaments that challenge the fundamental concept of peace in Islam, it should be insisted that educated people should not be hypnotised by segments of the media. Islam is the world 's second largest religion with 1.6 billion, this correlates to 23% of the world 's population. Is it civilised to paint a pernicious picture of 1.6 …show more content…
Too often I hear those who argue against Islam plea "Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims. The stupidity, inaccuracy, foolishness and idiocy of this seems rather surprising to me. Organisations like the 'KKK ' are never referred to as terrorists, you never see Irish People 's Liberation being referred to as terrorists, you never see Anders Behring Breivik being associated with terrorism or Army of God or Adam Lanza. It is rather saddening while researching this topic an article caught my attention. Adam Lanza was involved in an article of the Dailymail and headline was 'Adam Lanza hated his mother he shot dead because he thought 'she loved the students at Sandy Hook more than him '. This particular headline does not condemn Adam Lanza 's horrifying carnage against the angelic students but rather endeavours to draw sympathetic readers by giving justification for his horrid actions. Once again in the article mentions Lanza 's medical illness but fails to declare that he was a Satan worshipper. The point intended here is that many are seduced into thinking that all terrorists are Muslims because they are repeatedly bombarded(mind the irony) with the word terrorist more than any other …show more content…
There are some Muslim extremists that interpret the Quran in such a disgusting manner but that does not mean all Muslims interpret it in a way which preaches terrorism. As the Muslim community rapidly grows, hate and rage against such a peaceful religion is becoming worrisome. Those who are ambivalent towards the matter should acknowledge it is extremely dangerous to paint a population of 1.6 billion with the same brush. Islam derives from peace, it means peace, it is full of peace. One must judge the religion by the true interpretation of the Quran not the actions of those who supposedly follow it. Fortunately the religion is perfect but Muslims are not, blame the Muslims who commit such evil, not

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