Essay on Religion As A Secondary Cultural Identifier

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Religion can define someone entirely or be an insignificant factor in the makeup of an individual. Religion unites individuals when they are of the same faith but often times is the divide for many people that do not share in religious beliefs. Religion has changed and evolved throughout history, at times priests and bishops were the most powerful members of society and in some society’s religious leaders still hold prominence. Religion is an ever changing facet of society, when times are hard people look to God in mass but in our own culture God is so often placed on the back burners until he is needed. Religion is thought of as a secondary dimension of cultural identity but for a great number of people around the world it is all that defines who they are, religion makes all their decisions as to how to act and think. For these people I find it hard to place religion as a secondary cultural identifier. Religion is such a critical cultural identifier for the simple fact that labeling an individual’s beliefs in a particular God automatically places that individual into a specific group within society. Individuals use these collections of religious beliefs to justify acts against others regardless of the immense number of similarities between individuals outside their particular religious belief system. This is precisely the same as racism between what people perceive as differences amongst one another. Unfortunately religious warfare has raged for thousands of years and…

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