Religion And The Egyptian Civilization Essay

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Religion has played an important role in various cultures for many, many years. Polytheism, the "belief in or worship of more than one god," has been practiced by many of these cultures. (polytheism, 2014) Two such societies of people in ancient history, the Egyptians and the Greeks, practiced Polytheism. While both of these societies practiced religion in a similar manner, they also had a number of noticeable differences between them. Often, it would seem that each of the societies chose to adapt parts of the others religion and incorporated it into their own. Before the actual idea of God existed, the ancient Egyptians believed in a magic power that would have been contained in the sceptre of their pharaoh or in hieroglyphics themselves. As people evolved and developed more individual personalities, the idea of god came to be. "This stage in development is called 'mythical '." ( - Egyptian civilization - Religion) The Egyptians evolved their religion over time to nationalize a smaller amount of important gods, and eventually ended up viewing the creation of life as at attribute of one god, which made it seem as though their religion may move toward being monotheistic. ( - Egyptian civilization - Religion)
Early on, the Egyptians came up with a number of gods that would normally manifest in an animal such as a cat or snake. As time went by, they believed their gods to manifest in human bodies as well. It came to be that the Egyptians…

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