Essay Religion And The Church 's Influence On A Secular State

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Historically, religion has played a pivotal role in the development of European Democracy; however, there has always been a conscious effort towards a secular state. Recently religion has become a more salient issue with an increase in the Muslim population, but there remains a perception that religion experiences a decline in importance. Although religious influence might not be explicit, many Europeans still identify with a certain religion and the church still plays a role in policy making, albeit a less obvious role. For many, a Christian identity has become more valuable, and this potentially stems from the appearance of more and more Muslim immigrants. The church and the state still have a close relationship, and each institution’s varied reliance on the other dictates the extent of this relationship. Furthermore, the extent of the relationship also contributes to the church’s ability to inform policy. While religion and politics have reached an arguably respectful relationship, the rise of Islam now plays heavily into policy, and the struggle to integrate Islam with European secularism mirrors the earlier struggles that Christianity and Democracy faced. With this in mind, religion is extremely salient in contemporary European politics, and even more so now due to Islam. With many people concluding that religion is no longer as relevant as it used to be, there is evidence that suggests otherwise. As European scholar Jytte Klausen notes, “In the coming decade religion…

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