Essay on Religion And The Ancient Olympic Games

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Throughout the Ancient Olympic games, religion played an extremely influential role, and impended its development over time. Depictions of the Greek gods and goddesses are seen across a large amount of found artefacts created in the Ancient Olympic era. These depictions also clearly display the development throughout history of religion and beliefs in association with the games. The importance of the religious festival was high on the society, and was displayed across their currency around this time. These were used to commemorate the significance of the festival, and featured many aspects that related to other important factors in Greek society. One such coin displays the high influence of gods and goddesses in the games and society. The coin, struck in 352 B.C, significantly after the beginning of the first Olympic games, from rare silver, featured and artistic render of Zeus on the obverse, and a symbolic eagle on the reverse. This type of coin commemorating the primary god associated with the games, Zeus, was common in the Olympic period, but developed as new sports were added and the games progressed. Another coin, much like the common types, was constructed later into the games progression, around 276-260 B.C. The coin, like others, featured the primary god Zeus. Although, instead the symbol of the eagle was replaced with a thunderbolt within a wreath. This change of reverse images suggests that throughout time, different symbols to represent the games were added, and…

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