Religion And Science Debate On Religion Essay

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For many years I have been curious on whether or not religions are valid or true. The topic of religion has been an important ongoing topic for humans for many years. I believe religion is a significant topic given that many believe in religions and will believe in them based only off of faith and what they are told. I am also very perplexed on how so many people can believe in such stories of supernatural causes and base most of their lives believing in these religions. Yet, on the other hand, many people do not believe in these religions and the contradictions religions give to scientific logic. I have not been able to reach a satisfactory answer on this topic because of the many different views and beliefs on religion. As I began my research on finding if there is any truth or validity to religions I came across an online article posted on the Huffington Post. An article posted by senior editor and author Henry Gee. He provided a very opinionated article, writing on his viewpoint of the religion and science debate. Although his use of word choice was confusing, I believe he provided some good points on the religion and science misunderstandings. He goes on to describes his stand point on how “Science is not about truth, but doubt; not about knowledge, but ignorance; not about revealed facts, but uncertainties. It would be well were more scientists (and all journalists) aware of the differences between science and religion” (Gee, 2014). Although he is saying that…

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