Religion And Its Impact On Society Essay example

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As of the year 2015, 80% of the United States was religious ( Therefore, religion plays an important role in general. Religion can be defined as a set of beliefs regarding the origin, nature, and reason and basis of the universe, particularly when regarded as the formation of a supernatural organization or organizations, typically including devotional and ceremonial adherences, and frequently comprising a moral code managing and directing human matters ( Further, spirituality can be defined as a comprehensive and inclusive idea or belief with space for numerous viewpoints. By and large, spirituality comprises a sense of relationship to something superior to people, and it normally includes a pursuit for significance of life. Per se, it is a worldwide human occurrence, something that affects a lot of persons ( As of 2010, about 83.6% of the world was religious ( In addition to the important role that religion and spirituality play, religion and spirituality are an integral part of people’s lives and both have negative and positive impacts on well-being.
Regarding the positive impact of religion and spirituality, organizational religiosity has been linked with improved social functioning, improved overall mental health and less anxiety symptoms (Lucchetti et al., 2014). Both spirituality and religiosity appear to behave as resiliency components and…

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