What Is Being Gay Taboo

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Being gay used to be a very big taboo across many, if not all, cultures. My paper specifically will discuss the connection between religion and people’s thoughts and feelings on homosexuals/being homosexual. Religion has a huge impact on people’s thoughts about being homosexual which also affects the willingness of a culture to accept homosexuality, and many times it also has a deep effect on people who identify as gay. While being gay has stopped being a taboo in recent times in many places, there are certain places who still consider being gay to be a very big offence. People often use religion to justify their homophobia. Religiously engrained homophobia has influenced the people who do identify as homosexual within these religions and this religiously engrained homophobia turns from being religiously opposed to culturally opposed. Therefore, I believe that religion, in general, has a negative impact on how people view …show more content…
This, in turn, negatively affects the surrounding culture as well. An extreme example of the negative effect religion has on homosexuality, there is the Westburo Baptist Church. The Westburo Baptist Church is well known because of their very blatant homophobia, among other things. Their slogan is literally “God hates fags”. While I recognize that this specific church represents pretty much the worst of Christianity/Protestantism, this is a perfect example of why religion has such a toxic effect on people. There are people out there who actually applaud and follow and support the Westburo Baptist Church (WBC). Under the section on their website titled Numbers, the last bullet point says as follows: “0 -nanoseconds of sleep that WBC members lose over your opinions and feeeeelllliiiiings”.

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