Religion : A Muslim Woman Hidden Behind A Veil Essay

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Religion recognizes relationships in health in diverse populations. Islam has many diverse cultures and have its own distinct culture. The stereotype of a Muslim woman hidden behind a veil and how the media portray women in Islam.
There are different Muslim cultures around the world. Some Muslims believe in particular ideas much more strongly than other cultures. Muslim women cover their head with a scarf in the United States but do not use a veil to cover their face. Older Muslim women, modest dress covering the hair and face may come from a strict background and Muslim women is not allowed to show themselves off in any way.
Hijab is the veiling in Islam is primarily to inspire modesty in women to cover their face before having a husband. Muslim believe in praying five times a day and washing their body(practicing cleanliness). Hoodfar (1993) explains that “women are chastise according to Allah to cover their heads and to pull their coverings their torso.” This represents that their body is their temple and are available but only if getting marry. In my opinion, I respect their religion and practices and respecting their body. Unlike Americans who practice sex before marriage and very few individual paray unless there is dire situation occur.
Muslim women believe that pleasing Allah and to find a husband. Women who do not wear the veil in the United States for various reasons: Muslim women can draw attention to themselves and might feel embarrass in a different country.…

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