Relationships At Their Best And Worst Essay

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Relationships at Their Best and Worst A friend is someone who will stand by your side in both good times and bad, through thick and thin, or just whenever you may need them. In the novel, Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens, the author offers students of the twenty-first century helpful advice about maintaining these authentic relationships. This advice is directed to the reader via a honest and unique story about a young boy named Phillip Pirrup, or Pip, and his experience growing up to become a gentleman with help from his friends. The help and guidance of Pip’s friends not only aid him in achieving his “great expectations” but they also support him as he grows into a man of many noble qualities. By portraying examples of both good and bad relationships, the author teaches his readers what true friendship should and shouldn’t look like. At a young age, Pip was made an orphan but was raised by his older sister, Mrs. Joe, and her husband, Mr. Joe. Growing up with Mr. and Mrs. Joe, both Pip and Mr. Joe fell victims of Mrs. Joe’s unreasonable anger and abuse so because of this mutual abuse the two grew more close and became the best of friends. This friendship and the message of always being there for one another is proven in the following quote in which Pip has become very ill however, he is visited repetitively by a figure who he later recognises is none other than Joe; “After I had turned the worst point of my illness, I began to notice that while all its other…

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