Unconditional Love In Joe Gargery's 'Great Expectations'

We all have that one person in our lives that truly means the world to us. That one person can be a friend who also takes on the role therapist, lover, or even a parental figure. Any way you look at it there is always someone there for you. In Great Expectations by Charles Dickens Joe Gargery is Pip’s friend that means everything to him. Throughout Pip’s journey, Joe was always there for him. Through thick and thin, Joe is Pip’s caregiver, friend, and brother who will always be there for Pip no matter what. In Great Expectations, Joe’s role is to take care of Pip, guide him through life, and show him unconditional love no matter the situation Pip gets himself into. In the beginning and in the end Joe is Pip’s primary caretaker. It is revealed …show more content…
Throughout the novel, Pip’s attitude goes from loving to cold and cruel to loving once again. In the beginning Pip thought Joe was his world, “But I loved Joe--perhaps for no better reason than because the dear fellow let me love him” (40). While this may not be a direct quotation about Joe’s unconditional love, it does imply that Joe’s personality is a loveable one. The story states that Mrs. Joe is not gentle, but Joe is. Joe cares deeply for Pip and all he asks for in return is to be loved back. In the end of the novel Pip travels back home after many years if avoiding the place. He has neglected Joe mentally by thinking of himself as superior and Joe as lower, but he has also neglected Joe physically by not visiting in over a decade. Pip has said very cruel things that have caused their relationship to be awkward and tense, but in the end of it all Joe’s love for Pip wins and he forgives him. Joe says, ‘“O dear old Pip, old chap,” said Joe. “God knows as I forgive you, if I have anythink to forgive!’” (462). This quote has a lot of significant meaning behind it. The fact that Joe could find it in his heart to forgive Pip after everything he has done is astonishing. When Joe is able to find it in his hear to forgive Pip, it proves that the love Joe has for him is unconditional and

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