Relationship Between Women And Women Essay

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In catholicism the bible does not provide explicit instructions on how a couple should date but most couples often meet in groups or talk on the phone before meeting alone. When the couples meet women should dress modestly and should consider that the male may be may visually attracted to them. The couples should also not engage in intense PDA when outside of their home but actions such as handholding and light kissing is considered to be acceptable. Having sex before marriage is very looked down upon even if the couple is already living together. Once the couple is ready to get married they must both be free of any impediments, be able to consent to the marriage, and decide if they will marry under the laws of the church. If the couple is able and willing to get married they will need witnesses to foresee their commitment. These witnesses include a priest and a witnesses both the man and women pick. The church does not approve of the father giving away his daughter. When wedding ceremony starts the priest will open with a prayer, a biblical passage, and a right of marriage. Then the best man and the maid of honor will gives the rings to the priest so that he can bless them. After the wedding most couples move in together and start a family. The couples often do not use birth control because it is seen as a sin. Getting a divorce and being able to re-marry is hard because the church sees you as still married to your spouse and you are only allowed to be married in a…

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