Relationship Between Teacher And Student Essay

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1. The four ideology functions are limitation, normalization, privileging, and interpellation. Our book states that Ideology “limits the range of acceptable ideas that a person may consider” which is like a group of people that believe what they believe and their regular interpretations of something or someone is biased or one-sided. When looking at normalization, this is a big one, because this is saying that when it comes to ideology many people will begin to normalize certain aspects of ideology. “The social roles that we occupy throughout our lifetime, like child, student, or employee place us in relationships of unequal power and as a result of ideological value hierarchies”(139). This though is considered norm just like a student is supposed to/expected to do their homework. The relationship between teacher and student is a common one. The next function is privileging basically states that people of power are more important than others. For example, the president, the upper class, and a principle are important because they hold power in a way that others do not. Lastly interpellation, which is basically forming an identity that you feel is normal. For example, gender identity. When a person is young, they are trying to figure out what they are, girl or boy, and they can do so because of toys, colors that communicate the norms and limits of that identity to you.
2. A myth deals with cultural artifacts that basically tell us who others think we are. Doxa represents…

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