Relationship Between Religion And Spirituality Essay

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Purpose of the Study
Countless studies have researched the relationship between religion and spirituality affects a person’s health. Having that said the article examines the roles of spirituality and religiosity to determine whether these factors are associated with a person’s response to stress, in young, healthy, adult women. The study is an attempt to replicate a previous study, using middle aged adults, to understand if spirituality provides a sense of meaning in life. Researchers hypothesize that spirituality and religion is positively correlated with successful coping skills.

Sampling and Data Collection Methods
The study did not disclose the collection method used to gather participants. Nonetheless, researchers recruited 52, female, college students. The mean age of participants is 21.24 years old, with ages ranging from 18 to 43 years old. The demographics presented state that 41% of participants are Caucasian, 7% are African American, and 3% are Asian. Their mean body mass index is 22.96 (SD=5.5), 44 participants identified as non-smokers, and 47% of participants are unmarried and are neither divorced nor widowed.

Researchers used the following measures to gather data regarding the participants; spirituality, subjective well-being, health, forgiveness, and cardiovascular measures. Spirituality is measured using the The Spiritual Well-being Scale (SEBS), this test measures spirituality using two subscales: the existential subscale (EWB) and the religious…

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