Relationship Between Poverty And Education Essay

1382 Words Dec 9th, 2016 6 Pages
The relationship between poverty and education is not linear, but a web of interwoven domains. These domains may include social stereotypes, individual psychological issues, and conditions of daily life that create cases that can no longer be explained or analyzed as simple. Not only will the information collected strengthen the argument that education and poverty share a complex connection, it also suggests what actions need to be taken in the realm of education in order to improve the education and outcome of those living in poverty. The interview aspect explores the connection explained by the interview participant, the Education Director at the Keenan-Stahl Boys and Girls Club. The club primarily serves children living in poverty. The literature comes from academic journals, text written and practiced by education professionals, and anthropologist. The data exhibited in the statistical analysis focuses mainly on the Indianapolis area, such as Marion county and other surrounding counties. The data shows results from various subjects all connected to education and/or poverty. The data analysis will be reviewed first as we dive deeper into the complex issue of poverty and education, but also allow room for open ended questions. When understanding the three main domains of poverty and education, the data collected and analyzed is equally important. The original data collected mainly focuses on the Indianapolis area and the surrounding counties. From the data,…

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