Essay on Relationship Between Our Social Behavior And Our Health

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Health and Society
We have a unique relationship between our social behavior and our health. The social ties that we form as humans influence our health in the form of behavioral, psychological, and physiological (Umberson & Montez, 2010). Behaviors that can improve our health are ones that are centered around eating balanced meals and exercising. Influence on these behaviors can come from friends, relatives, or spouse. People that have social ties that keep these behaviors in check tend to keep these habits. Behaviors that can impact our health in a negative fashion can be learned in the same way as the positive. If a person surrounds themselves with people that consume large amounts of alcohol or others that have a sedentary lifestyle, they are most likely to follow the same habits. The social aspects can leave someone with a sense of belonging and a sense of connectedness with others. When someone leans towards healthy behaviors they often surround themselves with others that are concerned with the same things. When someone leans towards negative behaviors they often will surround themselves with people that may conduct the same habits.
Harvard Medical School in their Harvard Women’s Health Watch, suggest that a beneficial factor to our health could be our strong relationships (2010). They say that with strong, better relationships people have been noted to live longer and happier lives. On a micro level the interactions can actually decrease our stress levels.…

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