Relationship Between Michelle O ' Connel And Jeremy Banks Essay

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Violence is a global issue, and dating and intimate partner violence (IPV) presents a danger to those in relationships throughout the world. In some cases, the commonality of IPV is impacted by a patriarchal society, where it is expected that men have control over women. Other factors also have a role in the prevalence of IPV, including age, level of education, income or employment issues, the use of alcohol or drugs, abuse in the family of orientation, and specific personality traits (Seccombe, 2012). Research has also provided that it is more likely for violence to exist (by 1.43 percent) in personal relationships when the man works in a physically violent occupation, such as law enforcement. This was the case in the relationship between Michelle O’Connel and Jeremy Banks. Michelle O’Connel and Jeremy Banks were in a romantic relationship and were living together. Banks was a law enforcement officer. Michelle was a hardworking single mom with a daughter named Alexis. Prior to Michelle’s death on September 2nd of 2010, she had reported relationship problems with Jeremy to her family. Specifically, Michelle stated that Jeremy had been physically, sexually, mentally, and emotionally abusive. Michelle planned to leave Jeremy, and the night of her death, she attended a concert with him and her brother. During the concert, she sent cryptic text messages to her sister, who was babysitting Alexis. In retrospect, her family analyzes these messages as a sign that…

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