Relationship Between Masculinity And Femininity

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The America we live is a patriarchal society: in which male is the favored gender, and men hold power, dominion and privilege. Society creates molds for how men and women should behave. It is expected for men to be masculine and women to be feminine. Masculinity is attributed to power, dominance, and independence. These are all desirable characteristics, but by society’s rules, they are only attainable by men. Femininity entails that women are dependent, nurturing, and empathic. There is a complementary relationship between masculinity and femininity; men are expected to financially support himself and his wife while women are expected to care and nurture for her husband. This was seen as the norm during the nineteenth century. Soon, women …show more content…
We have learned that gender is a social construct, it is a set of rules that provide individuals with a template of how they should behave. As a society, we devalue femininity and praise masculinity. Femininity is associated with dependence, empathy, and being nurturing whereas masculinity is associated with power, dominance, and independence. To be considered masculine, essentially, a man has to display little to no feminine attributes. This becomes apparent when discussing the fag discourse. C.J. Pascoe’s Dude, You’re a Fag, declares that fags are thought of as feminized men. When a heterosexual man is called this, it threatens his masculinity. As a result men will try to emphasis their mastery over women or passing on the title fag to someone else. The cheapening of feminine attributes has long-term effects on women; they are viewed as subordinate, their work is devalued, and as tools to demonstrate masculinity. Surprisingly, men are also negatively impacted. Due to the normalization of the sexualization of women, men are reshaping the ideal of how what is a woman and how they should be. Also, it teaches men that there are circumstances when it is acceptable to objectify a woman. After taking this class, I learned to be precautious and to be conscious of how my actions affect not only individuals perceptions of men, but also of

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