Relationship Between Jessica And Shylock Essay

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Discuss the relationship between Jessica and Shylock: what does it reveal about their characters?
In the ‘Merchant of Venice’ Jessica and Shylock have a complicated relationship. It evolves over the course of the play, and changes as more characters are introduced. Some elements of the relationship between Jessica and Shylock are mirrored by the relationships between the other characters too, like the relationship between Portia and her father. This allows Shakespeare to create relationships between his characters that we feel we might happen in real life which in turn leads the reader to become more involved in the play, on a more personal level.
There is a lack of communication or trust, which could go some way to lead to Jessica running away from Shylock, and this is shown when in the dead of night Jessica says ‘I would not have my father// See me talk with thee.’ This shows that the person she is talking to, who in this case is Lorenzo, the Christian who she is hoping to elope with, does not have the approval of her father. In the 16th century, the father of women who were able to get married were the ones who had the final say in who the prospective husband would be, and this is illustrated in Portia’s relationship with her dead father who has set up three caskets for suitors to choose from, only the one who picks the right casket could win Portia’s hand but she may not help nor hinder anyone in their decision. So, while Shakespeare has already drawn attention to the…

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