Relationship Between Emily And Her Grandma Essay

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said he would absolutely like to be part of IEP meetings for Emily, or go to parent-teacher conferences but his way of supporting his family is different from others. Another aspect of family interaction that I thought was interesting was the relationship between Emily and her grandma. Erin’s parents live right down the road from her and she thought it was going to be a great support system to have. At first Emily’s grandmother would watch her but as time went on and Emily’s behaviors got more intense, her grandma refused to watch her. This was another aspect that I thought differed from what our text said. “There is a high level of involvement and support from grandparents in families with a child with a disability; grandparents often felt a sense of responsibility to maintain the quality of life and well-being of the child’s family” (Turnbull, 2015, p.45). Not that her grandma doesn’t want to see her but Erin thought she would have someone who could help her out when she needed a break but found out that was one less person she could rely on. We didn’t really get into specifics about the relationship Erin has with her mother but she seemed a little disappointed that her mom wasn’t willing to help out with Emily. Based on my time spent with the family and hours I observed the family, I would say that their level of cohesion and adaptability was somewhere in the middle of too low and too high. When talking with Bill about how his family reacts to change, he just said that…

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