Essay on Relationship Between Countries And Latin America

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There are an abundance of theories as to the notable disparity and relationship between countries of Latin America, and the developed nations of North America, As well as other third world nations around the globe. One such theory is dependency. This theory born in the late 1940 's was a counter to the development theory of modernization. At its core dependency theory examines the historical trends of said countries to explain why they fail to compete both economically and socially with others. It is basically the notion that the resources flow from a perimeter of less financially stable and more rudimentary countries or states to a central concentration of more economically stable nations, enriching the latter to the detriment of the former. It is founded on the neo-Marxist philosophy that ' 'the process of world capitalist integration, under the control of monopoly capital ' ' is to blame for the economic backwardness of third world countries.
By distinction, Modernization Theory that is employed to clarify the method of modernization at intervals societies, refers to a model of a progressive transition from a "pre-modern" or "traditional" to a "modern" society. “As originally expressed, was couched in self-important, superior language virtually designed to ask attack ”. A number of the a lot of rightist literature on Latin America in regard to Modernization Theory depicted the continent as just like the non civilized Neanderthals of the period. The idea stems from…

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