Relationship Between Brother And Sister Essay

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Dynamics. What is Dynamics ? What dynamics is, is the growth, development, or change of something or someone throughout the play or in another book. This play has a family dynamic where each individual person has a type of development as the play goes on. Mama is the leader of the family, we can say, she treats Walter like the man he has to become to be or a in a way try to make him like Big Walter (his dad). Walter has a sister, Beneatha, she is currently a college student wanting to be a doctor but isn’t sure yet. The relationship between both brother and sister are like usual siblings, they discuss about decisions, but at the end they love each other. What comes up the most in relationships is the money Big Walter has made for the family now. This would be the insurance paying the Younger family ten thousand dollars for all the work Big Walter left behind. This money causes tension, sadness, depression, hurt, and questioning what a family is really about. Mama is thoughtful, caring, a religious type of person. She is the leader of the family as I said, she takes care of the family no matter in what situation they are all in. Mama’s son Walter a self-centered, mean, fearful, unhappy, and stubborn man who thinks money is life. Walter wanted to use the insurance money from his father to invest in a liquor store which no one in the family agrees with this decision Walter wants to take. Walter thinks that it’s easy just to get the money and itll make everything easy. But…

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