Relationship Between A Family Member Essay example

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It is well known that a relationship contains from two or more people, or even animals, that have a connection. There are various types of relationships in this live such as relationship with friends, family, neighbors, and romantic. All kinds of relationships might be differ at somehow, but they all common in one thing, which is they all have good and bad sides. All relationships contain from benefits and losses, and we all go for the benefits more than losses (“Prosocial Behavior”, 2014). However, the focus here is in the relationship between a family members. Since the family has a great effect on the societies. As mentioned in “Agents of Socialization” (2015) family is the first factor in raising and teaching children the essential things in the life; such as differentiating the wrong and the right, or recognizing the dangerous and the safe, so the kid would be aware of them. So how is the relationship differs in a family members such as the relationship between parents, parents and children, and siblings. First, the relationship between two parents should be built based on love, affection, and respect between them. Their relationship should be healthy, which called the consummate love; the one that includes intimacy, passion, and commitment (“Prosocial Behavior”, 2014). When they share their opinions, experience, secrets, and emotions, they get to know each other in an obvious way. When they take care of each other and concern about each other in both happiness…

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