Relationship Attachment Model

Marital Assessment
Dimensions from the RAM The dimensions from the Relationship Attachment Model (RAM) are know, trust, rely, commit, and touch. Jack and Jill are lacking in several of these areas, which is impacting their marriage in negative ways. Jack and Jill’s show behaviors towards one another that are causing a wall to be building between them. When they have the time they are able to go out on a date and spend time with other another, they get along, but they have not made time for that. This causes the couple to feel like they do not completely know one another, so in result the know dimension on the scale has decreased a little bit. This is adversely impacting their marriage because they are not making time for one another. Also,
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I strongly believe that because Jack’s mom lives with them and provides financial support this causes Jill to rely less on Jack. Also, Jack cannot rely on Jill because she talks with her parents and siblings about the issues she is going through with Jack. Her family has accused him of having a narcissistic personality disorder. Jack knows Jill’s family does not like him at all, which causes him to verbally attack Jill and her family. As both partners in the relationship turn to others to help them solve their marital disputes their reliance towards one another will continue to decrease. Despite all the issues they are having they are fairly committed to one another. They have been married for 15 years and have been seeking counsel from others in hopes to fix their martial disputes, so in result commitment is mediocre on the RAM scale. Since the couple does not make it a priority to spend time with one another I can only assume that they do not have a physically intimate relationship as well, but this is only an assumption based on the information in the case study. If they are not being physically intimate this is only …show more content…
One of Jack’s deep needs is that he is feeling like he is a failure because he is not providing for his family. He has difficult time managing money, but Jill does not help the situation because she complains to him and makes him feel bad. In result of this he is acting out and showing anger towards her. Jill deep need is that she is scared that Jack will never be able to support their family because he is a compulsive spender. It makes her feel uncomfortable that they have to rely on Jack’s mother to help them with their financial needs. This results in her complaining to her husband, her children, and her family about her marriage. One of both of their needs is that they feel like they do not know each other as well as they did when they first got married because they are not spending time with one another. This is causing them both to turn to others instead of each other with this issues they have in their marriage. Jill feels hopeless in their marriage, so she is threatening to kill herself because she is not happy. Her family is telling her to divorce Jack, so this causes her to find more faults in him and she is starting to believe that she should leave him. Jack gets furious when Jill threatens to kill herself, especially in front of their children. He usually makes her feel worse by telling her that she is not being a good mother because she is acting emotionally unstable in front of

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