Essay about Relationship And Stigma Behind Mental Health

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This report studies the relationship and stigma behind mental health in a workplace environment. Achieving and maintaining positive mental health combined with decreasing workplace harassment, plays an essential part in achieving success in a company. In 2008, the Canadian Medical Association conducted a study that found only 23% of Canadian employees felt comfortable talking to their employer about mental illness (“Topics: Workplace”, 2015). This statistic suggests that the remainder of people, whom have not participated in studies, do not feel comfortable discussing their mental heath. Mental health issues are undoubtedly affecting these people as well, resulting in silent suffering. As well, Reid, (2007) conducted a study that indicates 70% of people are concerned about their psychological health and safety in the workplace, while 14% of people believe that their workplaces is not healthy at all.
In general, mental health can be described as part of a person’s everyday life through a state of well-being. With adequate mental health, one can comprehend their own potential within society through productive work, contribution to the community and managing every day stress (Mental Health Commission of Canada, 2013). When one achieves good mental health, the risk of developing mental health problems and illnesses reduces. Good mental health can be accomplished through a number of qualities such as having a healthy self-esteem, building confidence, creating positive…

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