Reinforcement : Positive Reinforcement And Negative Reinforcement

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What is “reinforcement”? There are two types of reinforcement: positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement. With positive reinforcement, you add something desirable in order to increase a certain response. For example, when a child uses manners, the parent rewards the child with praise or a sign of approval. The child will then do more in order to get that response from their parent. With negative reinforcement, you add an uncomfortable situation or take something away to make the situation uncomfortable in order to increase a certain response. For example, when you get in the car and the seatbelt alarm dings. The alarm will keep making the sound until you put your seatbelt on. The uncomfortable situation is the seatbelt dinging. When you get in the car, you will remember to put your seatbelt on as soon as possible because you don’t want to be bothered by the seatbelt alarm. What is “punishment”? Punishment is when you add something adverse in order to stop a behavior. For example, when a child doesn’t do their chores, the parent will spank the child. The spanking in the adding the adverse situation to stop the child from not doing their chores. Using reinforcement when parenting is better than using punishment because the child responds better to reinforcement, the child will repeat the desired behavior, and the child will be more likely to not repeat the undesired behavior and create future problems. When a child is positively reinforced, the child is excited…

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