Essay on Rehabilitation in Prison

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Rehabilitation in prison it is a part of a process of bettering offenders and preventing them from further criminal activity and behavior. The goal of rehabilitation is to re-shape the individuals and prepare them to enter the society with a different state of mind and start a new distant from the crime life.” In modern penology, the real purpose of sending criminals to prison is to transform them into honest and law abiding citizens by inculcating in them distaste for crime and criminality” (US-China Law Review; Mar2010, Vol. 7 Issue 3, p15-29,
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At this point it is up to the board’s discretion if the prisoner is qualified for the release or not and that differs from mandatory release. When it comes to mandatory release, the prisoner has to serve at least two-thirds of his maximum term before eligible for release (Hoffman Peter, MANDATORY RELEASE a Measure of Type II Error). Also, the mandatory release varies on the crime that was committed and the class of the offender.
Probation it is a next form of a supervision however it is an alternative sentence to imprisonment. The first act of probation had place in 1841 in Boston and it was made by shoe maker John Augustus (Father of Probation). John Augustus bailed out one of the local drunks that later on showed up at the court as a changed man. Since then the “Father of Probation” became to be a first probation officer that helped almost 2000 people. (Grinnell, Frank W, Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology).
In probation the offender has an opportunity to be supervised by the state instead of going into the jail or prison. Just like in case of parole the offender needs to complete all of the assigned conditions and report to the officer until the sentence is over. Probation might include conditions like paying restitution, drug screening or community service. Violating the probation might result in canceling

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