Regency Plaze Essay

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Project Management


Regency Plaza Case Study


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Role of Project Manager

The role of a project manager can be described as “[to] take responsibility for planning, implementing and completing the project…” (Meredith & Mantel, 2000: 85) and is entirely dependent on the project identity, requirements and deliverables. The Regency Plaza case is no exception. Due to the nature of the project there is a large amount of sales and marketing
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This action on the part of Kris Hodgkins is open to criticism. A fundamental part of the design process is designing the base modules that will constitute each individual condominium. Farley made is opinion quite clear with his recommendation that larger condominiums be built because there was more of a market for that particular type of condominium. Disregarding this advice will naturally change the marketing required for the condominiums because the market will have been shifted, albeit in a minor way, to focus on a slightly different group of potential customers. It could be assumed that this is either a harder market to penetrate, or is less likely to provide the quantity of customers required[2] or Farley would have made different recommendations. Even though each customer is entitled to modify their condominium as long as they cover any extra costs, there is no possibility of changing the dimensions of the condominiums. Hodgkins may therefore find it difficult to achieve the level of sales that is required due to a lack of demand for the type of condominiums she has designed.

Another problem with the design process is the length of time required to make alterations to the condominiums. This would have been an acceptable problem had the issue been addressed at the time of sale. Instead Hodgkins took the option of hoping that customers would not modify their condominiums much and would settle for the original

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