Reform Within The United Nations Security Council Essay

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Ever since the end of the Cold War, and countless times since then, there have been discussions proposing reforms within the United Nations Security Council. However, none of these have been able to garner enough support from the international community and specifically the major powers. In 2005, after the Iraq controversy, then Secretary General Kofi Annan again brought forth the issue of Security Council reforms in order for it to showcase the values of legitimacy, representation and accountability. (Annan 2005) In the 2000 Millennium Declaration, the General Assembly resolved to intensify its efforts “to achieve a comprehensive reform of the Security Council in all its aspects.” This declaration reflected the view, long held by the majority of states, that the council’s composition needs to change to make it more representative of current geopolitical realities and the international community as a whole. (Annan 2005)
“In line with international law, only the U.N. Security Council could sanction the use of force against a sovereign state. Any other pretext or method, which might be used to justify the use of force against an independent sovereign state, are inadmissible and can only be interpreted as an aggression.”
Vladimir Putin (04 Sep 2013)
Six months after this statement was made, Putin seized Crimea, an action that was declared illegal by the UN General Assembly. However, UN General Assembly resolutions are not binding on member states and this…

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