Reflective Thinking Essay

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Reflective Thinking Essay Number 1
Abraham Lincoln the sixteenth President of the United States once said "It often requires more courage to dare to do right than to fear to do wrong." This quote often inspires me to try and do what is right. And as a leader doing what’s right is one my top priorities. I believe this all stems from the way I was raised. My mother and father have both been contributor to who I am. They brought me up to be respectful of other, to look a situations from another point of view and no matter how far you fall you can always overcome the odds by not giving up.
When I think of a leader my last Commander comes to mind. When a situation happened he would give a back brief on the events that had taken place.
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When it comes to follower-ship, I believe that it goes together with leadership like peanut butter and jelly. Separate both are good but together they make a great combination, just like being a great Non-Commissioned Officer. If you cannot follow your leader how are you supposed to expect your subordinates to follow you? If asked my supervisor he would say that I’m a great follower. Tasks have already been started before he assigns them. If there is a task that comes up all he has to do is ask. I will priorities the task and have it done by either completing it myself or assigning it to the appropriate section. I can accomplish this because I have made it a priority to know every element and be involved with all my sections. I’m not a micro-manager at all, but I make the point to talk to all of my Airman to make sure that I can fill in when a case might arise where someone is in need of assistance. Not only am I knowledgeable of all my sections I have my Airman became proficient in their job then learn someone else in the section so they are getting more experience and learning something else.
I have taken all of my experiences with different kinds of supervisors and have developed into a people-oriented leader. For me this has been the most

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