Reflective Summary of Clinical Supervision Model Essay

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Summary of Clinical Supervision Cycle
The clinical supervision model for conducting observations has been used in the education field for decades. Clinical supervision involves a teacher receiving information from an administrator, colleague, peer coach, or mentor, who has observed the teacher's performance and who serves as both a mirror and a sounding board to aid the teacher in critical examination of a specific aspect of their instruction and possibly alter his or her own professional practice. Clinical supervision is an instruction improving tool in which a high degree of mutual trust and commitment to growth is required on the part of the teacher and observer. The structure of a clinical observation cycle includes
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Step 3: Analysis and Interpretation
Once the observation is complete, analysis and interpretation can take place. The teacher typically is not involved in this step of the process. The supervisor’s task in step 3 is two-fold; 1) to make sense of the raw data and 2) to develop a plan for the conference. During analysis and interpretation, interpretations must be made based on the analysis of the data collected during the observation and pre-conference.
During this step I took the three forms used in both pre-conference and the observation to record data and asked these questions: What patterns are evident in the data? Are any critical incidents or turning points obvious? What strengths did the teacher exhibit? Were any techniques especially successful? Which patterns, events, and concerns are most important to address and can be addressed in the time available? How will the conference begin? How will the conference end? I also complied the data into Form G of Danielson’s Framework for teaching in preparation for the post-conference. Using Form G during this step was helpful to me as a supervisor because it helped sort out some of the data during analysis as well as provided an organized summary of the data collect, for the teacher, and how it relates to the teaching practice/student learning. Based on part of our conversation during the pre-conference and through the analysis and interpretation process I decided

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