Reflective Essay On Princess Diana's Wedding Illness As An Ideas

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The assignment I have uploaded to iWebfolio is a reflective essay, satisfying the partial requirements for ENGL 1100. For this essay, I chose Princess Diana’s wedding dress as an artifact to discuss as shown in my thesis statement: “As millions of viewers from around the world watched the ceremony, the wedding dress that Princess Diana wore became a symbolic piece of history.” The assignment was to research and discuss the historical significance of the artifact and to reflect on that artifact’s connection to my own interests.
In the prompt provided by my instructor, I had to find an artifact that came from a specific event or era that interested me enough to write a research paper on. Within the paper I had to give a summary about what my
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I could not think of any object that I would find interesting doing a great amount of research on. I pondered on my life and anything that interested me to maybe give me an incentive, when I thought about how I worked for a wedding company. My thoughts reminded me how much I loved watching the girls walk down the aisle in their dress. That was the spark to my decision on writing about Princess Diana’s wedding dress. I debated my decision for much time until I realized I have dreamed of my wedding ever since I was a little girl and the dress I would wear. I then realized there was no better topic to write …show more content…
I used ProQuest on all my sources besides one online book so the APA citation was already made for me with was very helpful, I just had to go correct a few mistakes. I had no issues with my citations in my paper which was great.
There was a lot of historical significance that came from Princess Diana’s wedding dress. Her outfit from head to toe was either made specially for her or passed down from generations to generations. The tiara she wore attached to her veil was so sentimental and meaningful to her. It had been passed down through the Spencer family since the 1830’s. The train of the dress, which was twenty-five feet long, was also the longest in history which was something that is always remembered as part of her dress. Princess Diana’s wedding dress will always be a great part of history in the royal family and England.
I met with my instructor during a workshop class period and visited her office hours once. I felt as if I gained a lot of information in a little bit of time. Although she had to quickly help the next person in class, she still gave me advice on how to better conduct my paper. In my instructor’s office hours, we went over sources and the errors that were wrong which allowed me to succeed very well in that category. I thought every time I met with my instructor it was

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