Essay about Reflections On The American Dream

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The video “Novel Reflections on the American Dream” is about the American dream and a bunch of novels that relate to the American dream. Works from Theodore Dreiser and F. Scott Fitzgerald and other authors are talked about. In the beginning of the video it talks about what the American dream is and how if you pay your dues you’ll get somewhere in life. Benjamin Franklin was the first to write about the American dream in his autobiography. He leaves his home with only three pennies in his pocket then he buys bread with his only money. After that he’s broke he has nothing relying only on his brain smarts he makes a name for himself. The American dream isn’t always so cut and dry sometimes there is a dark side that no one acknowledges. In Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser it’s a story of how Carrie Meeber gets to the top; however, the American dream wasn’t achieved in the way Benjamin Franklin did. In this Novel Carrie basically sleeps her way to the top. Her American dream is achieved just not in the way that most people at the time could stomach. The American Dream is about working hard and getting to the top inch by inch. Theodore Dreiser’s novel took a hammer and smashed that dream it showed that the American dream is more about being in the right place at the right time. There are people who made it to the top by working hard every day, but there are even more people who do the same thing and get nowhere. “Novel Reflections on the American Dream” also talks about the…

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